Fell Good & Healthy Again! (thanks to Lifyzer 📱)

The app that tells you what food can be unhealthy, dangerous or a scam for your health

And how to avoid eating rubbish things! 😷

Nowadays, food became a real joke, isn't it?

Everyday, we pay for food that are poisons, but we still give them to our body by thinking it will be good for the day...

Lifyzer App has the only goal to protect you and make you healthier, better, more energize, and protect you against diseases/cancers.

Why Spending a lot of money in insurance and doctors if you could prevent most of the potential diseases you will get because of your unhealthy diet.

And in bonus, you are likely to live longer by using Lifyzer app!

You just have to scan food items, and the Lifyzer will tell you of its dangerousness for your health.